Dr. Nasr Said Nassar

Personal Information

Date of  Birth :  01 / 01 /  1953

Nationality : Egyptian

Address : 25 El-Gahez st., Dist. 7 , Nasr City , Cairo Egypt.

Mobile phone (cell phone) . + 2  0100 14 35 991    Cairo, Egypt.

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Education :


* Dr. Nasr Said Nassar  graduated in Faculty of  Medicine, Cairo University, December 1977.

* 1978 – 1979  Served in the rural sector as a general practitioner.

* 1979 – 1983  Residency : Obstetrics and Gynecology resident in Mansheit El-Bakry Hospital , Cairo, Egypt.

* 1985 Obstetrics and Gynecology Master Degree, April 1985, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

* 1983 – 1984  Visiting Fellowship, Columbia University, New York, and other Universities Hospitals in  U.S.A.

* 2001  Dr. Nassar got Diploma of  European Universities for Gynecological  Endoscopies, France.

* 2008  Dr. Nasr  Said  Nassar  got  a  Diploma of  “ Medical Law” Beni Sowafe Faculty of Law, Cairo University.


Professional  Positions:


First:  Governmental  Sector.

( From 1985 to until retirement in future at the age of sixty, on 31 December 2012, if still a live )

Second :  Private Sector. ( no  retirement) " Nassar Hospital "

Third :   Non-Proofit (NGO). ( no  retirement)



First: Governmental  Sector.

Ministry of Health, Monira General  Governmental Hospital ( which is one of the largest, leading and important governmental, hospitals in Cairo,Egypt, belong to Ministry of Health .)


Data from the Governmental  Hospital  Files.


* 1985 Dr. Nassar, joined Monira General  Governmental Hospital as Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, then Consultant, then Head of the Department .

*1985  Dr. Nassar established ( he is the founder) in Monira Hospital  the “ Ultrasound  Unit “, and in 1986, he also established ( he is the founder) in Monira General  Governmental Hospital the “ Early Detection of Cancer in Lower Genital Tract Unit ”  Cytology, and run both of them perfectly for few years and then he trained some other colleagues, they  run both Units till now.

* Since 1997 till now, Dr. Nassar has established ( he is the founder), directs and runs, until now, the "Minimal Invasive Therapy Unit ", laparoscopic and hysteroscopy , diagnosis and operative therapy .

* Since 2003, till now, Dr.Nassar has established ( he is the founder), directs and runs  of  " Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women Unit " as one day outpatient clinic and one day operative laparoscopy  weekly for diagnosis and treat women of chronic pelvic pain. This considered the first Clinic for Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women in Egypt.

* Since 2003, till now, Dr. Nassar is the organizer, the lecturer and the trainer for many useful, successful and helpful training courses for doctors in chronic pelvic pain in women.  Dr. Nassar is Chief of Women  Health  Education  for  Physicians  in  Monira General  governmental  Hospital.

* Dr. Nassar is the only lecturer, teacher and trainer of Obstetrics and Gynecology for final year of the Nurse School in Monira Hospital since 2002 till 2010.

      * Since 2005, till now, Dr. Nasr  Said  Nassar , is the Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of  Monira General  Hospital ( about 45 beds, 4 operating rooms, 4000 deliveries a year, more than 60 doctors with different titles as Ob., & Gyn., residents, specialists and consultants). Dr. Nassar is Chief of Gynecological and Obstetrics  Surgery  in  Monira General  governmental  Hospital.

     Second :  Private Sector. (no  retirement )

      Dr. Nassar is practicing his private practicing since about quarter of century in his own small tiny private hospital in Cairo, " Nassar Hospital ",  address : 280 Terhat El-Gabal st., El-Zytoon, Cairo, Egypt.

Third :   Non-Proofit (NGO). (no  retirement )


      Dr. Nassar is the founder of Egyptian Society Of Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women in 2003, and the president since then till now. The main activities of this society are :

      *Raising the public awareness about the newly born subspecialty Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women.

       * Education of physicians of different levels and different  related specialties,               about the diagnosis and management of Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women.

        * Publishing a Medical Journal Of Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women, which is distributed free to physicians.  Dr. Nasr  Said  Nassar is the chief editor, and chairman of its advisory board.  

       * Fighting to establishing Units specialized in Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women in most of developing countries.

The Journal of The Egyptian Society of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women Chief Editor : Dr. Nasr Said Nassar You can read for Free

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Dr. Nasr Said Nassar
Consultant and Head of
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Monira General governmental Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.
Founder and Chairman of
" Egyptian Society of Chronic Pelvic Pain inWomen"
Tel. + 2 0100 14 35 991 Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Heba Nasr Nassar
General Secretary of the society
+2 1015872447

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